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UnStumm meets Seta - Claudia Schmitz, Nicola L. Hein, Michał Seta

29. Juli 2023

Konzertbeginn 19:00 Uhr

Claudia Schmitz - Live Moving Image (
Nicola L. Hein - Guitar, Electronics (
Michał Seta - T-Stick (
Organized and curated by Nicola L. Hein (guitarist, soundartist and philosopher) and Claudia Schmitz (timebased media artist)
UnStumm – conversation of moving image and sound is a project for improvised film and music (Echtzeitfilm) for cross-disciplinary and crosscultural collaboration between filmmakers, video artists and musicians from Germany and other countries.

It aims to create an environment of cultural and creative exchange, where a common
complex artistic language is invented and used to communicate narratives, textures,
colliding, combining, attracting worlds of sight and sound.

The group of artists will work together in two different groups for four days to create an
audiovisual performance that explores multidisciplinary improvisation as well as structure
and narrative. The resulting artworks reflect on the themes of interculturality, cultural
identity, cross cultural communication, the history of artistic thought (in different
cultures) and many other philosophical topoi.

The space of the performance will be set up in a special way that make it possible to use
the full potential of it and to give space to a use of the possibilities of a space which
encompass much more than just a usual frontal projection. All the walls and also objects
inside the room are used for the projection, so that amount of creative processing of the
space is maximized.

By bringing together artists from different countries and cultures, UnStumm also aims to
establish longlasting relationships between these artists and give space to globally
situated meetings of artists that might not have met otherwise and therefore give space to
cross-cultural communication

UnStumm was originally founded in 2015 by Korhan Erel and Nicola Hein under the name UnStumm – a project of improvised film and music.

Since the end of 2016 it is continued under the name UnStumm – conversation of moving image and sound by Nicola L. Hein and Claudia Schmitz. Since 2016 Unstumm has taken place in 12 countries worldwird. Collaborations have taken place with more than 65 live video artists, musicians and dancers. The project was funded and supported by many Institutions worldwide. Further information can be found in the individual tours.

In this performance, Claudia Schmitz and Nicola L. Hein will perform together with Michał Seta the first time. 
As an international timebased media artist, Claudia Schmitz explores boundaries: Limits of perception, real andimagined barriers, liquid processes, body discourses.She explores paradigms of media translation - as a solo artist and in collaborative projects. She uses sounddrawings,sculpture, multidimensional drawing, (live) moving image, AI and food - in real space, virtual and augmented realityto explore new forms of sound, space and experience. Exploring socio-urban fabrics, challenging hegemonial perception, sustainability, synaesthesia, identity in virtual and real space, re- vs. interactivity, inter- and transmediality, machine learning, artificial intelligence are main topics of her current artistic research.
By passing through temporary stages, by discarding and re-inventing themselves, her pieces explore oscillating stages of being and non-being, of existence inside and outside the image. Relying on the spectators to trigger them, many of her pieces discuss the extent and possibilities of participation. internationally active artist and educator - won numerous awards and nominations - present in international public and private collections.
Nicola L. Hein is a sound artist, guitarist, composer, and researcher in the field of music aesthetics and cybernetics. He professor of digital creation and artistic director of the studio for electronic music at the University of Music Lübeck. His work is determined by the interaction of sound, space, light, movement, and the emergent dynamics of aesthetic systems. In his artistic work, he uses physical and electronic extensions of synthesizers and electric guitar, sound installations with motors/video projections/light, cybernetic human-machine interaction with interactive A.I. music systems, augmented reality, telematic real-time art, ambisonic sound projection, instrument-making, conceptual compositions. Intermedia works with video art, dance, literature and other art forms. His works have been realized in more than 30 countries in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. His artistic work is documented in over 30 releases. He has been awarded many different prizes and grants for his work. He has collaborated with Max Eastly, Evan Parker, Miya Masaoka, Axel Dörner, Ute Wassermann, and many more. Presentations of his work at MaerzMusik Festival (Berlin), Ars Electronica (Linz), Moers Festival, A L'ARME! FESTIVAL (Berlin), Super Deluxe (Tokyo), Sonica Festival (Glasgow), and many more. 

Michal is a composer/improviser who’s work gravitates around digital technology. Having crossed borders between art, music, architecture, electronics, poetry, software and Canadian winter he keeps busy with a spoken word and music duo UniSecs, collaborates with various people on various projects utilising sound and technology, teaches workshops on open source software applications in music and sound production and develops his own way of augmenting his instrument with a digital heart.

Michal Seta is a matralab research associate.



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