Aggregat Music

Playing Electro and Minimal live with instruments, being able to influence the timing, the sound and the mix – that is the idea of the Trio “Aggregat”.

Three musicians interacting on stage, performing written songs or improvising, creates a counterpart to electronical music performed by a DJ. The instrumentalist is in the position to pick up the atmosphere in the audience and the acoustic of the concert hall and step into a dialogue, following the members of the trio at the same time. Two synthesizers coupled into a diversity of effects build the harmonic basement of most of the songs. An acoustic cello, amplified and send into different filters and effects has the ability of creating melodies, sounds and patterns. A classical drum set, in some points triggered by electronic drum sounds sets the groove.

Aggregat founded end of 2015 came right by the first jam session to a point of pushing their own boundaries. Though they needed several months to come up with songs, that met their own requirements. All songs are written by Aggregat.

Aggregat - Safeland

The Trio Aggregat performing their Song "Safeland"

André Wittmann - Synthesizers
Daniel Sorour - Cello
Matho Thomsen - Drums

Video folgt in Kürze

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Samstag 03. Juni